+ How can Kwikwap Designers develop a full eCommerce enabled website for such a low cost?

+ Can clients buy online on my website with credit card

+ Do I have to sign any contracts with Kwikwap Designers?

+ For an online shop do your websites support the South African Rand as a currency?

+ Does Kwikwap Designers use drupal or joomla?

+ Why should I not use one of the free website design tools that are available on the internet?

+ Is there a limit to the number of webpages that I can add to my website?

+ Is it possible to build forms with a Kwikwap Designers website?

+ Will my business be found by search engines when I get a Website with Kwikwap Designers?

+ Why do I need a website?

+ Why do I need a website, and more particularly a Google optimized website?

+ Do I get an email address and email service included with the Kwikwap Designers?

+ Can Kwikwap Designers take over my existing website?

+ Can Kwikwap Designers assist me in registering a new domain?

+ Does Kwikwap Designers do web design everywhere in Africa?

+ Does Kwikwap Designers have a variety of different modules?

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